Sockeye scheduling software

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Simplified work order scheduling — How It Can Impact Your Business.
Our team created a video project for Sockeye scheduling software.
Sockeye adds work order scheduling to your CMMS / EAM. Works great with SAP, WAM, JDE, Maximo, Avantis and more. With Sockeye Maintenance Scheduler, it does the work for you, by retrieving the work order and labor data needed to schedule work orders automatically from the CMMS and Crew Scheduling system, and allocating it into one simple place.
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5 Ways to make your video go viral

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As marketing has moved online – think social media, podcasts, and webinars, videos are playing a stellar role in brand building. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations, all have jumped onto the online video bandwagon. But unlike traditional corporate and marketing videos, these types of videos must have certain characteristics in order for them to work.

Consider this – YouTube receives 4 billion video views each day, and can boast 60 hours of video uploads per minute! Other popular video players include Vimeo,, VP Factory, SublimeVideo, and Viddler. Put them together and you have thousands of videos being shared every hour, every day.

So how do you get your video to stand out in the crowd?

Original content: It goes without saying; content that is original will get talked about, will get viewed, and most importantly, will get shared. Want your video to go viral? Think of what your audience wants from you. It could be educational or entertaining, but it has to have your brand’s personality stamped across it. It has to make people sit up and listen! A great example is iPhone’sWill it Blend? video. Everyone knows iPhones are reliable. But can you blend them in a mixer? To date, this video’s received 10,433,889 hits.

Authentic content: Viewers are tired of sales pitches and need to connect with your brand on a more personal level. Try and do this by creating a storyline that’s real and a reflection of your audience’s needs. And remember that everyone’s time is limited, so offer something that’s of value –whether it’s to make them laugh at the end of a long and tiring day or give them hope for a better future. An example is Ikea, which created a cat video that had nothing to do with furniture, but everything to do with human emotions. As of today, it’s received 3,146,774 hits.

High def. quality: Quality does count and a blurry video is likely to be passed over in favor of its sleek and easy-to-view counterpart. Think of the kind of camera you use. Next, consider the audio, the lighting, and the effects. Is your video edited professionally? Too short, and you might not get the message across; too long, and your audience might not stick around to hear it.

A good mix: Does your video have its share of audio effects? Are you using a voice over artist that is right for the tone and message you want to convey? Are you using videos or graphical images? Will there be text included? A good video usually has a mix of two of more elements – too much text, and you may as well create a web page. Too much audio, and your listener might get bored. You need to find a balance that is visually and audio appealing.

A call to action: Creating a video is great, but not if you don’t have a defined concept that includes a call to action. Can your audience understand what you are trying to share? Will they visit your store? Buy your product? Call your number? Provide a clear and visible call to action by way of a trackable URL, discount or promo coupon code, or a phone number. This way, you can track and measure your video’s success.


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